Meet Our Customers

  • Aaron Sirulnick, Ditmas Management Corp., New Hyde Park, New York

    Bargold took unused space and converted it into revenue in all of our buildings. If you’re not getting rents from your apartments you better get income from untapped space in your basements. Turnkey and professional installations make it the easiest decision. Run, don’t walk, and call them now. Don’t leave unrealized revenue on the table.

  • Adam Parkoff, of the Parkoff Organization

    Servicing tenants has been and continues to be the most important part of our business. We have found that converting unused basement space to storage areas with Bargold for the tenants to utilize has been a great amenity and addition at our buildings. Our tenants never seem to have enough space!

  • The Board of Directors of Bryn Mawr Ridge Co

    ... The quality and the workmanship of the units are excellent. They are durable and well constructed, as well as neat in appearance and of the highest quality in material and labor. View Document

  • Everton Moore (Property Manager) Fordham Hill Owners Corp. Bronx, New York

    ...Your solutions to our unique situation... clearly confirm [Bargold] is a leader in the residential storage industry. Installing a 144 unit storage system is a complex undertaking... [that Bargold took on] with a high level of professionalism. View Document

  • Herb Kamens, Board President Lindenwood Village Section "C"

    Just a note to say another professional job well done. Mr. Richard Plenge and his crew completed the installation at Lindenwood Village Section "C" (88-25) expertly and they were both professional and courteous in their interactions with cooperators as well. Thank you....Herb

  • Ken Barkoff (Board President) Silverman Rentals, Inc. New York, New York

    ...The major benefits we received [from Bargold Storage Systems]... still seem too good to be true. The job cost us nothing! Not a dime... We receive a nice portion of the rent... Major capital improvements were made to our basement... It not only looks much better and is more efficient because it produces income, but also is safer. View Document

  • Thomas Auletti (Manager) Amalgamated Warbasse Houses, Inc. Brooklyn, New York

    I just wanted to thank you for continuing to provide outstanding service to our development. Yesterday, while inspecting the buildings, I decided to inspect the four Bargold storage rooms. I was pleasantly delighted to see that each room was in immaculate condition. The walls and floors looked as if they were freshly painted, the energy efficient lighting was superb and the rooms were all impeccable. View Document

  • Jennifer Jones (Property Manager) Concourse Village Inc. Bronx, New York

    Without the headache of managing the [storage] units, Concourse Village receives monthly income from them. The rooms are safe, neat and clean. The residents love them too! View Document

  • Robert E. Abelson (Agent) Stillman Management, Inc. Bronxville, New York

    Not only did your company improve the rooms themselves, but the storage lockers have added an important amenity to Rex Ridge. All this at no cost to the Coop, and we even earn a fair amount of money with the monthly commission checks you send to us. View Document

  • Concetta M. Lozito Stillman Management Inc. Bronxville, New York

    In connection with the steel storage units, installed by Bargold Storage Systems at the above mentioned location, we are please to inform you that the residents are very satisfied with the look, quality, space and low price of each unit. View Document

  • Barbara J. Raden (Property Manager) NRK Management Corp. Brooklyn, New York

    Everyone who had to work here toward the installation was responsive and left the areas clean at the end of each day. It was pleasure doing business with you and look forward to expanding our current storage. View Document

  • Robert Orlofsky Realty, Inc. White Planis, New York

    I am writing to advise how pleased we are with the recent installation of the Bargold Storage Units at Bryant Gardens. The installation was done professionally, the workers were very polite and efficient. View Document

  • Edward R. Gallion (President) New York, NY

    While I regularly deal with any number of vendors and contractors on behalf of the co-op, rarely have I encontered an organization as efficient and professsional as BARGOLD. The installation was completed promptly as scheduled and your staff's interaction with our shareholders was courteous in all respects. View Document

  • Gerald Caputo, President Board of Directors 143-50 Hoover Owners Corp

    The entire project seemed to go extremely smooth, and came to a completion a few days ahead of schedule. That's something that I've rarely witnessed in my career or personally. The level and quality of the work by your crew is enormous and they are to be commended. I would highly recommend Bargold Storage Systems to anyone that is interested in obtaining storage space. I congradulate you on the high standards your associates are held to and applaud them for representing Bargold as they do. View Document

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