Meet Our Crews

  • Steve Jimenez (Director of Operations)

    Steve has been with Bargold since 2015. Steve is the Director of Operations which means Steve is our “everywhere/everything” person out in the field. Steve oversees the installation and maintenance divisions which includes building with the crews and being involved in customer service. Steve comes from a construction background and uses his knowledge of construction every day.

  • Jonnathan Delmonte (Field Operations Supervisor)

    Jonnathan has been with Bargold since 2009. Jonnathan is a Field Operations Supervisor and is in charge of managing the crews during installation. Jonnathan is often on job sites installing Bargold’s units and/or maintaining existing installations. Jonnathan is also involved in customer service.

  • Jordan Goldman (Operations)

    Jordan has been with Bargold since 1996. Storage runs through Jordan’s blood as he worked in the industry while going to High School/College in the 1980s. Jordan can be found out in the field with the installation or maintenance crews and/or diving into customer service.